Divvit Woocommerce integration manual

We provide a Wordpress / Woocommerce plugin that can be used to integrate Divvit easily into your Wordpress installation:

Download plugin v1.0.2

Install Woocommerce module

To install the module you should first of all download the ZIP archive at the link provided above.

Then login to your Wordpress backend, and go to Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin.

Select the downloaded ZIP file from above and press "Install Now".

You should see a message like the following:

Unpacking the packageā€¦
Installing the pluginā€¦
Plugin installed successfully.

Click the "Active plugin" link below that message.

Configure module

In order to configure the tracking script correctly go to Woocommerce > Settings and scroll down until you find a section like the following:

Enter your Frontend ID YOUR_FRONTEND_ID. Save your changes once you are done.

If everything is configured correctly you should see the the Divvit tracking pixel on your site. Try clearing your cache in case you cannot see the tracking pixel in your shop.